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Lucas Fisher-Horas
Creative Director, Videographer

Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing, Acting
BSc (Hons) in Psychology at University of Bath, United Kingdom
English (Native) / Fluent in Spanish

Born and raised in London, I spent my university years studying psychology while exploring theatre acting and stage direction. I ultimately found my voice in filmmaking, and since graduating in 2019 I have produced, directed, filmed and edited a range of video projects across industries including Music, Sports, Live Performance and Travel. Outside of Riveraine I’ve worked on global productions including League of Legends World 2021 Show Open BTS, and short films commissioned by Film4 and Spinster Films.


I cherish my years in psychology, and always strive to channel the insight that the discipline offers into my work. In my opinion the psychologist and the storyteller share a common backbone: observation. And it is through this union, I believe, that the elusive human experience can even begin to translate to the screen. 

I've always loved people. And I've always loved stories. The works of fiction that inspire us to immerse ourselves that little bit more in life; but also, the true stories, the real stories each of us live day by day. Whether it be an intimate moment with family and friends; a place that forever holds a spot in our hearts; a tool or instrument that helps us along the way; or all of the above and more combined. Everything tells a story. Or rather, everything holds a story. And whatever that is I'd love to work with you to tell it just right.  


Afirebird - Burning Man

  • Best Dance Music Video - International Music Video Awards

  • Best Dance - Music Video Underground

In Silence

  • See It This Way Fest Official Selection

  • Together! Disability Film Festival Official Selection

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