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Mountain Range

Riveraine Original Film

Aside from commercial videography, Riveraine Productions is committed to offering its own narrative creations. These include everything from Dance and TV shorts to full length Feature Films. Take a look through our archives to find out more... 

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An improvised dance piece exploring the dialogue between nature and civilisation, and the ways in which we might rediscover what we have lost in our modernity.

An improvised dance piece exploring flow state, expression, and the communication between the contemporary and the archaic.

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The Awakening (3/10)

THE GLITCH (Coming Soon)

An improvised dance piece exploring suppression, possession, and the breaking point where all is purged.

The Awakening (4/10)

THE FOOL (Coming Soon)

An improvised dance piece exploring innocence, play, and the obstacles they face in the modern metropolis.

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Episodes 1-4 (Coming Soon)

A Drama mini-series following Karl, a young man who comes across a series of strangers on the street at night. Through these chance and often troubling encounters,  Karl begins to see the value of compassion and intimacy for our fellow stranger. 


Feature Film (TBC 2023)

A couple meet and coincide for one summer in Seville, Spain. As their love deepens, the limited time they have together looms large. Living a dream, they must decide whether it is worth the heartbreak to follow. 

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